What can you do to help your Parish?

Thank You
We truly appreciate ALL your time and talents, for helping to make our Parish better. Many hands make great work. For all that you do, we are truly blessed!
Volunteer Registration
To register as a volunteer, please fill out the available online form.

Otherwise, fill out our stewardship form which can be picked up from the parish office and can be dropped off or emailed to

All Are Welcome!

As you can see, our parish has a very significant and varied agenda. Everything at the church is run in conjunction with our parish community. It is both our desire as well as an essential component of our ongoing success, to involve everyone in the process. Our parishioners play a key role, together with the parish staff, in:

- celebrating the liturgy (Mass);
- ensuring that the Church runs smoothly and efficiently;
- serving the community;
- running all church functions and activities;
- community events;
- religious education, special programs and organizations.

A small drop of rain plays an essential role in creating each lake which feeds the land, so too does every moment of time and effort contributed; make us a stronger and more productive part of our Christian community.

We invite you, your family and friends to become involved in our vibrant Parish Community. There is a place for all, from youth to those with vintage wisdom and experience to offer. Volunteers like you form the Parish ‘backbone’, helping us to continue to strengthen, build and provide a community where
‘All are Welcome’… We call it STEWARDSHIP.

Our Ministries & Groups tab provides a variety of opportunities to share your time and talents with the Parish and/or approach for assistance.

If you or a member of your family is interested in getting involved, simply fill out our Volunteer Stewardship Form. Forms are also available through the office.

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