Fr. Bob Langone, Pastor (left)
Fr. Ken Cienik, Associate Pastor (right)

As the year draws to a close we are still in the midst of the pandemic with all it's struggles. We are happy to be able to live stream our 10 AM Mass each Sunday on our Facebook page. We remind you to stay safe during this time. We hope to be able to celebrate Christmas with you provided the city doesn't shut down. You are in our prayers daily and we realize that most most of you can't make it to church, so I'd ask that you keep us in your prayers - we need them. I can't thank enough those parishioners who take stewardship to heart and help usher and sanitize the church making it safe for those who come. Take care of each other.

I look forward to a lot of hugs or at least handshakes when this is behind us.
Fr. Bob Langone, SA (Pastor)

We give thanks to you for the gifts you have given us, life family and friends, time talents and material possessions. All that we have comes from you. Help us to remember this and to rejoice in your goodness.

Walk with me my God. Help me on my spiritual journey, so that I may constantly renew my relations with you and all the good people in our parish and throughout Toronto.

Renew in us your Spirit. Give me the strength and courage to become a better follower of Jesus, to be a disciple. Help me hear the call to Come follow Me.

We give Glory to you God as we make Stewardship a way of life. Amen